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Laura Fleischmann

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I joined the Kaiser Permanente prenatal team in 2005 as the Early Start Specialist and Women’s Counselor. As part of the Early Start Program, I provide education on alcohol, drug and tobacco use during pregnancy to prevent substance-related complications. I also provide general counseling support to women throughout pregnancy, including information and counseling on common postpartum issues and resources.

Prior to Kaiser, I worked in private practice and community-based setting with individual, couples and families. I have a specialty in relationship issues, addiction, postpartum traumatic stress and intimate partner abuse.

I am very committed to women’s health and to the Early Start Program, where I can use my experience and training to support a woman’s desire for a healthy pregnancy and birth outcome.

I am originally from New Haven, Connecticut. Families in East and West coasts. I ennjoy writing, theatre and travel.

I joined Kaiser Permanente is 2005.

LMFT 1997, San Francisco State University

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